Glad Svenska Flaggans Dag??

We swedes like to theme parties! Every major holiday have their own traditional decorations and themes: christmas, easter, midsummer, crayfish eating time, lucia, etc… every celebration have their own rituals & decorations.

Recently we acquired a new holiday: a national day! Sounds wierd, right? But how we used to see it, was that or crounty was so old & had existed since time immemorial that it would be absurd to arbritarily have a national day. So until 2005 we didn’t  have an national day… but since 2005 we started celebrating the Swedish Flag Day as an official nationdal day.

It’s a little awkward, I still don’t know how to wish someone a happy national day…. and I think we are all still trying to figure out a method to celebrate this new holiday propperly! For the first few years most of us just ignored it, since it’s wasn’t a ‘real’ holiday, people even made fun of the governmet for making it a bank holiday,  but it seems to be growing on us. Here are a few things I will do/have done today:

I’ve already hung these on my windows! Source: festlig through Tradera

Dress like this: the svedisk national dress! Source: Scandinavian Stuff

Salmon & Shirp Sandwich Cake (Smörgåstårta), a perfect summer meal! source: Mady by Rebecka


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