Ministry of Silly Walkers

I cannot buy any more shoes, I have like 30 pairs and I decided that I’m not allowed to buy any new ones until I get rid of an existing pair… so I was browsing through my shoe list to see if there is a pair that I’m willing to get rid of in order to make way for a new pair. Fruitless as that endeavor was, (Darling likes to say that I’m in a relationship with my shoes! and well, whenever I do get rid of a pair, it is kind of like a break up… much easier to not buy new shoes) I thought it would be fun to show you all a shoes that always makes me smile! I bought it at a second hand shop years ago because it reminds me of shoes  i used to have when i was like 8-11 years old! Do you know what type of shoes I’m talking about?

Anyway, I call these Clown Shoes!

Clownish tartan shoes!

Clownish tartan shoes!


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