Put on your dancing shoes!

I’m dancing all over Mason Bentley’s virtual dance floor  in my cutest heels from the Portuguese brand Seaside. I have three or four pairs of heels and wedges from their 2010 and 2011 collections, that I got while in Lisbon. They are outstanding shoes! Leather, light and very comfortable and affordable. I cherish them.

However, I haven’t really fallen in love with this year’s shoe trends in general… didn’t stop me from finding a few really cute heels from seaside that I would love to have though.

seaside shoes

You’ll never catch me in stilettos, I love the chunkier heels. And for me the aesthetics of the  hell and silhouette of the shoe is far more important that how the shoe looks from the front. How to you pick your shoes?


5 thoughts on “Put on your dancing shoes!

  1. Ooh I would love to dance along with you as guests from the Mason Bentley bloggers party! I think I’d pick the third ones from the left, they are amazing. Happy partying!:)

  2. Shoes! Don’t get me started. I took a dear friend of mine for a much needed shopping excursion to Bangkok a few weeks back as she was feeling pretty blue. Took her to my favourite shoe shop…between us we bought 11 pairs… whoops!

  3. I missed you at the party yesterday, came in a bit late. But I’m on holidays so nothing stops me from keep on partying on a Monday evening! I also go for chunkier heels or wedges mainly cause one can’t walk in anything else in Brussels… if it’s not the cobbled streets (which I love) it’s the loose tiles or the rain!

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