Countdown to Midsommar: 4 Days Left

Hello hello!

I know a lot of you don’t know about Midsommar, but it’s my second favorite holiday (my favorite is New Years because of its glam factor). I love Midsommar more than Christmas, because it is the opposite of Christmas. It’s a super chill day where we Swedes dance around a flowery phallic symbol (maypole, but ours actually has two balls hanging from each side >.<) and eat great food and just hang out until the small hours (it really never gets dark around here now so…)

This year I’m celebrating it in connection to a friend’s birthday, so it will be legend-wait for it-dary! I jut can’t wait! We got these cute things from Tradera for the party:

adorable napkin rings sold by MayasFyndShop, goes nicely with the summer theme

to put everyone in their place 😛 sold by BloomsburyBarn


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