Collaboration for Reprocat No. 1: Instructions- Feels Like I’m 17 Paracord Bracelet

Hello Hello!

Last week as fairly busy, and I’m so glad it’s over! But while I was away from the blog, N and I have been working on our first project (!!!), so I’ll start out by describing the initial details and instructions to this project:

Collaboration for Reprocat No. 1 is the result of a discussion about that N was going to get one of her nephews who is turning 17 soon. Everyone knows that the best thing to give a teenager is money, but since N and I are both pretty low on cash we realized that an envelope containing a mere SEK200 would be an anti-climactic present at best. So I pitched the idea of making him something cool for the same amount of money instead…

My task [skeptically given by N]: come up with something cool & inexpensive to me for N’s nephew.

Some information on the nephew: will turn 17, is fashion conscious, takes care of his appearance, plays football, is a fan of Manchester United, is a fan of sports in general, listens to among other skrillex, is popular with the girls, does crazy things while on field trips with his friends, likes brand name clothes.

I take no credit for any of these images, they all belong to someone else, i just don't know who!

I take no credit for any of these images, they all belong to someone else, i just don’t know who!

After thinking about it a little while, I remembered how a friend’s brother of roughly the same age was admiring said friend’s paracord bracelet a few weeks ago.

It is a good guy jewelry as it fits as an accessory for a guy who cares about how he looks since it is comfortable, non-obtrusive and above all non-girly. Paracord is connected with the idea of manliness, sportiness, and even edginess. And with the right color and knotting style it can turn out to be a perfect little everyday bracelet.

For N the advantages are that the materials are inexpensive, it’s simple to make, and there are many knotting techniques for her to explore.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I compile an idea board with research & inspiration to help us chose the colors and knotting styles.  🙂


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