Steaming Hot Punker!

While I drool over damselindistress’ awesome collection, I can always dream of the day that a rift in the fabric of reality would suck me into a world where bad-ass dresses like these would be en vogue! I’d pack my trunk with the following dresses:


Some Catty Things The World Has To Offer:

Well, it’d be more acurate to say “some catty things this one store on Esty called ShebboDesign has to offer” but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy does it? On the other hand, ShebboDesign is somewhere in the world…. 😀 Am I being catty? *lame!*

But anyway look at these catastically cute things: imagine if you had a cat purse to put in your cat cutch which went into your cat bag that you wear with your cat shirt which matches your cat necklace, you’d be a pretty catty person! *lame again, Bob!*

GĂŠnial! Knight in Hoodie Armour

I want this, I want this so bad that I would walk about in it all year long! …But my budget is being a bitch for now….

If your budget allows maybe this could be an awesome present to your greeky gaming teenage son/daughter/sibling/nephew/niece/boyfriend/girlfriend? Heck– If you know a Game of Thrones Fan that has a birthday coming up, this will do! Think about it! Just think about it!!!! And when you’re ready to part with your cash do it at the iamknight Etsy shop.

Praise or Raze?

Sometimes I just don’t know… they say there is a thin line between love and hate, well, I’m right on the fence with this curious bathingsuit idea from the Esty shop Co&llar. Can’t really say it’d suit my “curvy” (:P) body type but someone with smaller boobs could probably give it some life, no? What do you think?

Summer dreams with rockabilly seams…

All right! It’s kind of great when you find a new  shopping place online. I came across Fydiq while shopping for a new project that I will talk about a bit later. Anyway Fyndiq is an awesome place were you can shop almost anything… it seems to be a bit like Etsy in the way that it seems to gather smaller suppliers under one roof, and then the buyer can order different items from different suppliers and only pay one a postage charge of ca. 50 SEK.

Urgh! Haven’t I become quite the rambler?! Besides the above is kinda irrelevant, what I really want to show you are these adorable “rockabilly” dresses from Hell Bunny that I found on Fydig: