Steaming Hot Punker!

While I drool over damselindistress’ awesome collection, I can always dream of the day that a rift in the fabric of reality would suck me into a world where bad-ass dresses like these would be en vogue! I’d pack my trunk with the following dresses:


Génial! Knight in Hoodie Armour

I want this, I want this so bad that I would walk about in it all year long! …But my budget is being a bitch for now….

If your budget allows maybe this could be an awesome present to your greeky gaming teenage son/daughter/sibling/nephew/niece/boyfriend/girlfriend? Heck– If you know a Game of Thrones Fan that has a birthday coming up, this will do! Think about it! Just think about it!!!! And when you’re ready to part with your cash do it at the iamknight Etsy shop.