Steaming Hot Punker!

While I drool over damselindistress’ awesome collection, I can always dream of the day that a rift in the fabric of reality would suck me into a world where bad-ass dresses like these would be en vogue! I’d pack my trunk with the following dresses:


Summer dreams with rockabilly seams…

All right! It’s kind of great when you find a new  shopping place online. I came across Fydiq while shopping for a new project that I will talk about a bit later. Anyway Fyndiq is an awesome place were you can shop almost anything… it seems to be a bit like Etsy in the way that it seems to gather smaller suppliers under one roof, and then the buyer can order different items from different suppliers and only pay one a postage charge of ca. 50 SEK.

Urgh! Haven’t I become quite the rambler?! Besides the above is kinda irrelevant, what I really want to show you are these adorable “rockabilly” dresses from Hell Bunny that I found on Fydig:

Nearly there..

It’s a reblogging day today!
Love! Just love! I’m so glad I found out about their blog!
But just look at these marvelous pieces by Mason Bentley! This would be my favorite shop if I were to live in London! I especially love The Grace and The Bergman in black broderie anglaise!
I have a few dresses like that which my grandmother (who is a seamstress) made for me some years ago, the sad part is that I have gained weight and don’t fit them anymore. T_T

Maison Bentley Style

The clock is ticking down…Tuesday 11 June is our big day, well, night really and we’ve not been idle..the rest of the Collection all ready for our Preview…


The Bardot.  Light, loose, sassy dressing.

IMG_2221 The Grace, tweaked into a beauty with additional beige piping.

IMG_2229 The Bergman Print.  A classic take on neon with effortless class.

IMG_2236The Bergman in beige broiderie anglais. Easy.

IMG_2241With added drama: The Bergman in black broiderie anglais.

IMG_2253 The Valentina joins the photo family. (NB She is actually part of our winter collection..available from September onwards)

IMG_2262 The Audrey skirt makes an entrance with it’s fabulous pleated waistband and side split.

IMG_2276 The Grace Top. An elegant every day metamorphosis.

IMG_2282 The Grace top and the Audrey skirt. Simple styling.

IMG_2285 A taste of the exotic: The Vreeland in silk. A sneak peak of a transitional winter item.

IMG_2293 The Vreeland with additional Dandy Frill. A thrill to wear.

IMG_2304 Our infamous collar…

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