Countdown to the greatest holiday of the year: 3 days

A Swedish Midsummer party is not complete without snaps… (or should i say aquavit?). I don’t particularly love the taste of it, but I love singing “snapsvisor” (drinking songs sounds a little bit crude, i think) before shotting. Sometimes I cheat and have elderberry juice in my shot glass instead of aquavit. Aside for the singing I also love finding awesome shot glasses:

sold through Tradera by zalfija.

sold through Tradera by tullan16.

sold through Tradera by jooles81. These Lasse Åberg illustrations are soooo cute!

sold through Tradera by dom1996


Countdown to Midsommar: 4 Days Left

Hello hello!

I know a lot of you don’t know about Midsommar, but it’s my second favorite holiday (my favorite is New Years because of its glam factor). I love Midsommar more than Christmas, because it is the opposite of Christmas. It’s a super chill day where we Swedes dance around a flowery phallic symbol (maypole, but ours actually has two balls hanging from each side >.<) and eat great food and just hang out until the small hours (it really never gets dark around here now so…)

This year I’m celebrating it in connection to a friend’s birthday, so it will be legend-wait for it-dary! I jut can’t wait! We got these cute things from Tradera for the party:

adorable napkin rings sold by MayasFyndShop, goes nicely with the summer theme

to put everyone in their place 😛 sold by BloomsburyBarn

Cheeky little cups by FIFTYEIGHT Products

cheeky little ones

I’m in love!!!! I really have to restrain myself from acquiring these cute cups, my darling has to be the voice of reason here saying that what we need is not more tea cups bur glasses (out guests keep breaking them!). But I’m already daydreaming about eating breakfast with these. I found these through bluebox!


my favorite

Nostalgic Table and Kitchenware from VintageEye

Some people think it’s bad taste, but I really love these kitschy!  flowery vintage things. Sure they don’t look sleek and timeless, but they induce a happy feeling in people– even those who think it’s bad taste. These cute like things would  make me a little happier if I’m having a bad day. 

I love the fact that they bend outward a little, and that they have this lovely blue tint.

Imagine making tea in this instead of my boring IKEA one…

it is not a milk creamer, is it a milk chalice!