Geeking My Ears Off

July is one of those time of year where it seems like everyone in my friendship wheel has a birthday! Here are a few more things from the Etsy shop Chibisilverwings I have harvested from my search:

audrey 2 or plants vs zombies?

om nom nom

no these are not earings but it’d be a piece of cake to put hooks on these and turn them into earings!



…a few more tiny happy things

Remember the awesomely cute and clever Koruneko earrings? Yeah, well I found more on the etsy shop Jewelry and Pleasure; they’re unbearably cute & in colors that makes me just want to eat them… although that probably isn’t a good idea… i wish they were made of marzipan…

Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc, Coocoo! Coocoo!

Oh my gosh, my gosh! Look at these steampunky pieces by Clarice Price Thomas. I really like the thin rings in the 6th picture from the top. I wonder how much they cost?…

Clarice Price Thomas, a London based jewelry designer, draws inspiration from watches and clocks as well as their unseen inner workings.


Her rings can be worn classically as a solitaire piece; or one can add a funky edge by stacking the rings and combining different colors.

The different sizes of each ring type invite play and creativity as you mix and match sizes, colors and combinations for what  best illustrates your personal style.


Clarice elegantly combines her interest in machinery and its inner working with elegant metalwork and an interest in antiques.

Clarice‘s pieces are simply beautiful and timeless.


We’re very excited to see what Clarice‘s new collections will bring!


All images courtesy of Clarice Price Thomas.

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Ingenious Koruneko Earings by Sisunyak

I love the way the head is at the front and the body is at the back of the ear

Oh my god! Kawaii! If you’re an avid anime watcher like I am you might recognize this little little from somewhere…

Yes, yes it is the cat from Trigun!  Make from polymer clay and surgical steel, i was just really impressed at how it well designed it is. And it costs 84 kr (EUR 10/ USD 13), I’ve bought shitter things for more…