Some Catty Things The World Has To Offer:

Well, it’d be more acurate to say “some catty things this one store on Esty called ShebboDesign has to offer” but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy does it? On the other hand, ShebboDesign is somewhere in the world…. 😀 Am I being catty? *lame!*

But anyway look at these catastically cute things: imagine if you had a cat purse to put in your cat cutch which went into your cat bag that you wear with your cat shirt which matches your cat necklace, you’d be a pretty catty person! *lame again, Bob!*


GĂŠnial! Knight in Hoodie Armour

I want this, I want this so bad that I would walk about in it all year long! …But my budget is being a bitch for now….

If your budget allows maybe this could be an awesome present to your greeky gaming teenage son/daughter/sibling/nephew/niece/boyfriend/girlfriend? Heck– If you know a Game of Thrones Fan that has a birthday coming up, this will do! Think about it! Just think about it!!!! And when you’re ready to part with your cash do it at the iamknight Etsy shop.

Praise or Raze?

Sometimes I just don’t know… they say there is a thin line between love and hate, well, I’m right on the fence with this curious bathingsuit idea from the Esty shop Co&llar. Can’t really say it’d suit my “curvy” (:P) body type but someone with smaller boobs could probably give it some life, no? What do you think?

I’m Back in the Saddle… but wait!- Something’s afoot!

Yes, yes, indeed! An exciting opportunity has come up, so new things are ahappenin’ to this blog!

Funny how a bit of vacation can really switch things up, it is really the best catalyst of all things productive. While I was away holidaying, a friend and I got to talking about the blog, and handmade DIY stuff since we wanted to make a present for our totally awesome other friend that was kind enough whisk us away (hey, what do you give someone who already has everything?)! Anyway one thought lead to another and eventually we realized that we should join forces in creating something really cool –well, coolish, at least– which will affect the blog. I think it’ll be a positive thing for the blog since the changes will lead to me outputting more focused content, rather than randomly posting cute for funsies.

by Callista1981 through deviantART

So what the F am I talking about?

Bear with me: I started this blog because I love looking at cute, original, and preferably handcrafted things, but I’m no maker of things. I’m more of a looker and an ideaer… if I may put it that way. My friend on the other hand IS a maker of things– a very internet shy maker, but one nonetheless–, she is super craftsy but, until recently,has been in an inspiration slump. To be honest, she gets into these crafter’s blocks quite often, and like she said she loves seeing things come to life at her hands, but just can’t be bothered with all the hard work that goes into thinking up something great to do. [Do you see where I come in?? *wink wink*]

mural by the street artists Os Gemeos, photo by Jaime Rojo through the blog Brooklyn Street Art

So here’s the deal: we thought it would be fun collaborate, I come up with things and she makes them! And we’ll document the whole process of creating a DIY project from inspiration to the forming of an idea to designing it and finally turning it into the end product. And since my blog is so new and randomish, a little so called “rebranding” wouldn’t hurt…right?

So there will be some design changes as well as some small changes in the content and its presentation, but all this will happen gradually though, after all it is a free time hobby project so there is no reason to turn it into work! Does it sound exciting?

Summer dreams with rockabilly seams…

All right! It’s kind of great when you find a new  shopping place online. I came across Fydiq while shopping for a new project that I will talk about a bit later. Anyway Fyndiq is an awesome place were you can shop almost anything… it seems to be a bit like Etsy in the way that it seems to gather smaller suppliers under one roof, and then the buyer can order different items from different suppliers and only pay one a postage charge of ca. 50 SEK.

Urgh! Haven’t I become quite the rambler?! Besides the above is kinda irrelevant, what I really want to show you are these adorable “rockabilly” dresses from Hell Bunny that I found on Fydig: