Away is Good but Home is Best

[literal translation from the original Swedish proverb: Borta bra men hemma bäst. English variations on the same theme: East or West Home is Best and the ever so boring There is no place like home!]

Two weeks of holiday can take its toll on a person! -.~ It’s nice to be home especially when one was lucky enough to escape a week of shitty weather. Going abroad for vacation in the summer in Sweden is always a bit of a gamble since the summer is short as and almost completely rains away as “so famously” (not really) sung by Tomas Ledin. One might miss out on the one week of actual good weather! The safest bet is to go abroad in the winter, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

[yes, we swedes love sing-along gatherings in the summer–rain or shine, we can’t afford to be picky– just like below. You can even have a go yourself!]


Glad Svenska Flaggans Dag??

We swedes like to theme parties! Every major holiday have their own traditional decorations and themes: christmas, easter, midsummer, crayfish eating time, lucia, etc… every celebration have their own rituals & decorations.

Recently we acquired a new holiday: a national day! Sounds wierd, right? But how we used to see it, was that or crounty was so old & had existed since time immemorial that it would be absurd to arbritarily have a national day. So until 2005 we didn’t  have an national day… but since 2005 we started celebrating the Swedish Flag Day as an official nationdal day.

It’s a little awkward, I still don’t know how to wish someone a happy national day…. and I think we are all still trying to figure out a method to celebrate this new holiday propperly! For the first few years most of us just ignored it, since it’s wasn’t a ‘real’ holiday, people even made fun of the governmet for making it a bank holiday,  but it seems to be growing on us. Here are a few things I will do/have done today:

I’ve already hung these on my windows! Source: festlig through Tradera

Dress like this: the svedisk national dress! Source: Scandinavian Stuff

Salmon & Shirp Sandwich Cake (Smörgåstårta), a perfect summer meal! source: Mady by Rebecka