Exciting Time Off: I’ll Be Back In October At The Very Latest

Hello hello!

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I’m going to Africa in a week! WOW!!! I just found out! It’s an internship I thought I had no change of getting, so it’s a bit sudden to say the least. But I got it, and I’m going! It’s an amazing opportunity!

So, this week’s going to be hectic since, well, moving to another country for two months takes some smuferation.

It’s a summer of luck, this summer! There are just so many amazing things happening that it feels like my metaphoric pot is bubbling over! I’m going to try to finish out the remaining posts for the REPROCAT collaboration project, before I leave, but all i can promise is that I’ll try my best.

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And for the next two months I expect my posts to be sporadic at best… since I don’t know how my internet situation will be… omg! I don’t even how where i’m going to live! I hope it’s somewhere like this [i wish!]:

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But for the moment take care guys! And don’t forget check back with me in October, cuz, you know that’s when