For The Win!

Hello hello!

You may be wondering: what in the world happened to this site?!

Don’t click away just yet, I’ll explain. Remember that some days ago I talked about an exciting hobby collaboration with a friend?
Well, we’re making it happen! Now! Today! Yay! 🙂

REPROCAT is the tag that N. uses to mark her handmade projects, and since we’re going to be making things for reprocat, it seemed like a book idea to inclue it here! Isn’t it adorable?

Speaking of adorable:

We’re just two little cats, from Västerås! We live with the wrong type of human… he’s allergic and can’t be with us, so we ask for you to click to see a video that will steal your hearts! we will steal your hearts! *to be sung to the tune of “Two Little Girls from Little Rock”*




I Can Haz A Niew Höme?

Oh yes, yet another cat themed day!

Here are some really cute Devon Rex kitties… which I will never have because Darling thinks they are freaky looking and outrageously ugly. I on the other hand find them very adorable, I think that their disproportionately huge eyes give them a caring naive look and their mouths really look like this smiley :-3 !

S*Fairycoons Quira! Such a cutie

“We are adorable little cat girls from Fairycoons cattery in Huddinge!” “We’re not all girls, I’m a boy dammit!” ~can you guess who the boy is? 😛 source: