Some Catty Things The World Has To Offer:

Well, it’d be more acurate to say “some catty things this one store on Esty called ShebboDesign has to offer” but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy does it? On the other hand, ShebboDesign is somewhere in the world…. 😀 Am I being catty? *lame!*

But anyway look at these catastically cute things: imagine if you had a cat purse to put in your cat cutch which went into your cat bag that you wear with your cat shirt which matches your cat necklace, you’d be a pretty catty person! *lame again, Bob!*


Fawn on us…

AWWWWWWWW! Sooooo cute!

Mjau! We are Cerutti & Cavalli from S*Neat and Natty cattery in Malmö, Sweden. Want to see more of our baby pictures? Click, click!

These are some rare kitties, so they are quite expensive, but one can always dream… They are fawn Somali kitties and like it says in the blocket ad, it’s extremely rare for Somalis to be fawn pointed.

I Can Haz A Niew Höme?

Oh yes, yet another cat themed day!

Here are some really cute Devon Rex kitties… which I will never have because Darling thinks they are freaky looking and outrageously ugly. I on the other hand find them very adorable, I think that their disproportionately huge eyes give them a caring naive look and their mouths really look like this smiley :-3 !

S*Fairycoons Quira! Such a cutie

“We are adorable little cat girls from Fairycoons cattery in Huddinge!” “We’re not all girls, I’m a boy dammit!” ~can you guess who the boy is? 😛 source:


Angels with Whiskers !

I know can’t really shop for cats but I love looking att adverts for them on the internet. In the future I’m hoping to adopt another siamese as a boyfriend to the one I have now, so I keep my eye on different catteries. And look at this young litle one! So adorable!

Hi, my name is Xtreme from S*Coral Reef in Nässjö, Sweden. And these are my baby pictures! Click on the picture If want to see my sistets


I Love Cats Ring by Kat Studio

*kyaaa* so adorable :3

Hello hello!

One of my favorite sites to do some lazy surfing at is I always really awesome stuff there!

So today I was looking for cat harness inspiration, ’cause I want to make a home made one for my kitty so she can hang out on the balcony railing without jumping off on me. But as usual I got sidetracked and came across these really cute rings! And they’re not too expensive either- at around 200 kr (EUR: 23/ USD: 30) Here are some other cute rings by the same designer:

I love thin rings, they look so cute and practical at the same time. ❤

A cat ear ring! Adorable! If I weren’t a lazy fuck that can’t be bothered with jewelry, I’d get myself one of these!