Swimmingly Good Looks!

Here are some quirky but really fun bikini tops that I would have loved to wear as a teen (or maybe even now too provided I had a fit body!), that I found on Etsy at the Carnival Boutique. I had trouble picking my top three faves, which one is your favorite?


Away is Good but Home is Best

[literal translation from the original Swedish proverb: Borta bra men hemma bäst. English variations on the same theme: East or West Home is Best and the ever so boring There is no place like home!]

Two weeks of holiday can take its toll on a person! -.~ It’s nice to be home especially when one was lucky enough to escape a week of shitty weather. Going abroad for vacation in the summer in Sweden is always a bit of a gamble since the summer is short as and almost completely rains away as “so famously” (not really) sung by Tomas Ledin. One might miss out on the one week of actual good weather! The safest bet is to go abroad in the winter, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

[yes, we swedes love sing-along gatherings in the summer–rain or shine, we can’t afford to be picky– just like below. You can even have a go yourself!]

Sumer Is Icumen In

Yes, yes it is! So I’ve been snooping around the internets trying to find a cute bathingsuit, and of course by go to place is ASOS, they always have really cute shit! (I’m not a bikini kinda girl, never was! When I was in my teen, I was in agony because swimsuits weren’t in so it was hard to find cute, non-old lady like ones… i’m so glad they are making a comeback!) The trouble with them is that all the swimsuits I want are too small for my boobs. T_T but you know it never hurts to look— actually it does, the thought of not being able to buy them hurts just a little:

I love this bathingsuit by Muille! Love the backless detail, but I think it's meant for girls with small breasts!

I love this bathingsuit by Muille! Love the backless detail, but I think it’s meant for girls with small breasts!

swinsuits i love

from right to left: ASOS collection, Baku, ASOS collection, Piha, ASOS collection.
I don’t really know what to think abut the one of the far right… it looks good on the model but i suspect that it might look frumpy on me 😉