Away is Good but Home is Best

[literal translation from the original Swedish proverb: Borta bra men hemma bäst. English variations on the same theme: East or West Home is Best and the ever so boring There is no place like home!]

Two weeks of holiday can take its toll on a person! -.~ It’s nice to be home especially when one was lucky enough to escape a week of shitty weather. Going abroad for vacation in the summer in Sweden is always a bit of a gamble since the summer is short as and almost completely rains away as “so famously” (not really) sung by Tomas Ledin. One might miss out on the one week of actual good weather! The safest bet is to go abroad in the winter, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

[yes, we swedes love sing-along gatherings in the summer–rain or shine, we can’t afford to be picky– just like below. You can even have a go yourself!]


The Dress! The Dress!

It is so cute!!! I love it! Made from pleated organza silk and Chantily lace… the lacy bodice gives her a girly look and looks absolutely gorgeous on her. I also think that the neckline has that classic vintagy feel. The dress is less conservative and more flirty than what her sister wore in 2010.  Nice choice, I think.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and husband Mr. O’Neil ~she looks like a June bride~

New wedding, Old dresses, Borrowed pictures, Blue skies!

Hello Hello!

I’m no royalist, but I could not resist taking a peek at our youngest princess’ wedding dress! I heard rumors that THE Valentino himself designed it!

When it comes to fashion, I really love the way the royals dress. Understaded, elegant, timeless! And their wedding dresses are just… well beautiful! Here are my favorite wedding gowns from high profile weddings of this decade (believe it or not there have been quite a few!):

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in 2010 wearing a Pär Engsheden creation. Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 wearing a Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen) creation. Princess Charlene of Monaco in 2011 wearing an Armani creation. Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxemburg in 2012 wearing an Elie Saab creation. OBS: these photos are obviously not mine!

— Princess Madeleine is getting married today to some hedgefund dude from New York called Chris O’Niel. Neither Madeleine nor Mr. O’Niel have won the hearts of the Swedish people, but it’s June, it’s sunny, and we don’t let a good summer party go to waste around here where the sun don’t shine too often!–