Steaming Hot Punker!

While I drool over damselindistress’ awesome collection, I can always dream of the day that a rift in the fabric of reality would suck me into a world where bad-ass dresses like these would be en vogue! I’d pack my trunk with the following dresses:


Fanning the Flame of Love

Fans, also not a very trendy accessory these days… at least not in Sweden. I’m not sure why, because during the summer it can get pretty warm and the houses here don’t have air conditioners… I have a whole collection of fans. My first one and most cherished is a delicate Japanese paper fan which I got as a present from a childhood friend.

I would love to have these in my collection…  but I could only dream about owning them:

simply gorgeous Antique Victorian Lace and Mother of Pearl Fan found in sdbees1030 etsy shop

Antique Victorian Lacy and Mother of Peal Fan found in sdbees1030 etsy shop

an Antique Victorian Feather fan found in sdbees1030 etsy shop