Geeking My Ears Off

July is one of those time of year where it seems like everyone in my friendship wheel has a birthday! Here are a few more things from the Etsy shop Chibisilverwings I have harvested from my search:

audrey 2 or plants vs zombies?

om nom nom

no these are not earings but it’d be a piece of cake to put hooks on these and turn them into earings!



Felt Like Buying

Oh my God! Yes, yes you may take my money, even though I don’t know an Iphone, Ipad, Kindle etc to use you for!

Starved for a present idea to for anyone– i mean anyone, even the grumpy old mad that threatens to cane you if you don’t get off his lawn– for any reason? Here you go: Etsy shop ohmycake! I must warn you though that there is a high risk that you’ll buy a bunch of stuff and end up not giving them to anyone and keeping them to yourself instead!

Here is a little tasty taste:



Some Catty Things The World Has To Offer:

Well, it’d be more acurate to say “some catty things this one store on Esty called ShebboDesign has to offer” but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy does it? On the other hand, ShebboDesign is somewhere in the world…. 😀 Am I being catty? *lame!*

But anyway look at these catastically cute things: imagine if you had a cat purse to put in your cat cutch which went into your cat bag that you wear with your cat shirt which matches your cat necklace, you’d be a pretty catty person! *lame again, Bob!*

Instead on pictures on the wall….

I’m such a child! 

While browsing on Etsy today I came across there cute wall decals— only thing is that the ones I was really into were for childrens’ nurseries! But I’d totally think they fit on my living room or study walls… I just love the cute little pandas and koalas! 

from designedDESIGNER

from Chin Studio.

from FallFabricDesigns.

from cuma

from designedDESIGNER. Just love it!